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Golden Thread Healing. New Golden Thread

Golden Thread Healing

What is the Golden Thread?

This technique was developed as a visualisation technique to help address the possible hidden cause of a problem, be it physical or emotional.

Here's how it works......

We all have explicit and implicit memories. Explicit memories are memories we can remember or access in our memory fairly easily. Implicit memories are stored in the body, and are as a result of an incomplete trauma response. Trauma is the way our body and nervous system respond to an outside stimulus. (It is a response to an event, not the event itself). When a trauma cycle or response is not completed, it is stored in the body and certain things will trigger an emotional reaction or physical sensation. The mind continually scans for threats and starts to add more and more triggers to this feeling in the body. This is all happening under the surface of our conscious awareness, so we don't even know it's happening, all we know is that we start to feel uncomfortable, in pain, or have a particular (negative) feeling.

With this technique we aim to complete the arousal/trauma cycle and release the implicit memory from the body by releasing the feelings from the event that caused it. By the way, trauma does not necessarily mean that you've had something awful happen to you, even taking a toy away from a child might be experienced as trauma at that age. We also don't need to go back into the event or re-experience it and I don't even need to know the details, so it all stays in the privacy of your own mind.

This technique is a short technique, usually less than 30 minutes and can be added onto your massage session as a combo treatment. You will find it on my booking calendar as Massage/Golden Healing combo.

You can also book it as a stand alone therapy and you'll find it listed separately on my booking page.

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