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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression is a technique of accessing images or information through an altered state of consciousness. This can be deeply healing for those seeking healing and resolution from specific, problematic life circumstances or physical ailments whose cause seems to make no sense.

A guided relaxation and visualisation gets the client into an alpha brainwave state which is the ideal state to do this work. Once you're in this state the regression begins and from here you will be guided to other times and places.

Why would one want to access a past life? Well, when we pass over at the end of a life, any unresolved issues will stay with us to be healed in another lifetime. Have you ever wondered where you get some of your beliefs from? Or your irrational fears? Or your lack of trust? Quite possibly these have been carried over from a past life and are ready to be looked at and healed so you can end the karmic cycle.

Past Life Regression can be helpful for so many areas in your life from phobias, to sexual issues, and overeating to relationship difficulties and many things in-between. You may also be able to understand the deep connection with people in your life today. Not only will you access a past life, but you will also meet your higher self, that part of you that is so much more than your human self. You may even reconnect with talents and passions that you had in a past life that can inspire you today. It is so much more than a curiosity seeking session!

What if I don't believe in past lives? It doesn't really matter, the subconscious mind often just wants a symbolic memory so that it can heal an aspect of your life, and whether you believe this is just imagination or a past life makes no difference, the symbolism is all that's needed to heal that particular pattern, belief or issue.

Bringing an innocence and letting go of expectations makes it easier for our subconscious mind to show us what we need to know.

If this is something you would like to experience, feel free to get in touch or book your session directly online. There are no pre-requisites. The session takes approximately 2 hours, including a short introductory chat to find out what your intention for accessing a past life is and a conclusion at the end where you can discuss the session should you choose to. You will be in an altered state of consciousness for about 60 to 75 minutes. And don't worry, you cannot ever get stuck in a past life!

Past Life Regression. Past Life Regression

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